Search the Gray

Nous oublions souvent notre personnalité, notre passion, notre culture et le reste quand nous offrons et divulguons nos opinions. Les opinions sont personnelles et quand elles sont données sans critiques et ni attaques sur les autres elles peuvent aider les autres.

Search the Gray

Hi! So I guess this is my blog!

I originally named this blog « Put It In Ink » because I am a writer, a traveler, and a journalist (in the truest sense of the word, I journal about everything). However, ink is so unforgiving, so permanent. So black.

The things that I want to write about are as complex as the human psyche. I believe it’s important to acknowledge that sometimes there is no clear cut answer, and sometimes that is okay. Other writers may take a strong stance, they pick a side and plant themselves there. I admire those people, it takes courage to firmly stand behind what you believe. But I would contend that it is also courageous and humble to say there is no simple solution.

The truth zigs and zags between the broad black and white plateaus on either side. That reality is what I hope to face…

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